Saturday, January 14, 2006


This blog will be about my knitting, lets start with a little background.

I learned to knit at about 8, and made a doll blanket as my first ever project, then I kind of fell out of knitting, until last year, when in Pittsburg, PA, with my family, I came arcoss a LYS, and fell in love again, I bought some 17s, and some Wool Easy: Chuncky, yarn, and knit myself a scarf, I then left knitting again, until about September, when I knit myself a fun fur skinny scarf. I also made my Mother a scarf for Christmas, now I have just finished casting on 51 sts. for <<<< (Thanks schrodinger!), wish me luck.


Update: *sigh* I knit wwaaaayyyyy to tight, I got to the second row, ( that's 102 stiches, for all you math inadept), before I desided that I couldn't live trying to knit like this, so I'm going to frog my two pathetic rows, and start again. Wish me luck...... Again.


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