Saturday, February 18, 2006

It has been a week since I CO'ed for these Knitting Olympics, it's been a real rush, let me tell you! For most of the day last week my knitting looked like this:

But I precevered and waited until the tourch lit, then it came, and it looked something like this:

And also this:

But I knit steadally and came up with this after an hour:

Now today, I stand (well, really sit) before you with this:

A close up of the sock:

The Armwarmers(they're both on the same needles):

A close up the the first armwarmer:

And the second:

Yes, I should be further along on the sock, but I had to rip the entire thing out when the colorwork wouldn't strech enough to fit around my mom's ankle, so I changed the pattern to one doubled in size Chili Pepper on the side of the sock, it seems to have turned out well. And actually, I'm in the exact spot I was when I found out that the sock didn't fit, it had taken me four days, with some armwamer knitting inbetween, to knit that far, but it only took me two to make it back up. Which just going to show, if you want it bad enough, you can, and will, get there. Just some insparational words from me.



P.S. did anybody else think it was so sad about Lindsey Jacobellis crashing? And the Candian who landed in the fence. I hope she's OK, but poor, poor Lindsey. That was really upsetting. T_T

Friday, February 10, 2006

Hey, sorry I haven't updated, I've been sick. Not like the flu, just a really bad cold. Which is a problem, 'cus I wasn't so incapacitated that I couldn't knit, or atleast, I thought I could knit. Truth was I really messed it up, dropping a stitch, and only found it 4 rows later, and only then because it through off my pattern. So I went to my Mother and asked her to go back and fix it. She just picked up the stitch, so my pattern was still off. And I flew off the handle, afterwards I felt so bad, but right then I was just mad. I was so sure that it was unfixable, so I ripped it out. Real smart huh? I desided to use the yarn of a hat, which I finished yesterday, along with a scarf that had been haunting me for a couple of months. I should make up a FO post soon.

In other news, I signed up for the Knitting Olympics. I'm going to do the Wrist Warmers, and my very first pair of socks! They're for my Mom, as a "I'm sorry for being made when you where trying to help" and a "Thanks for giving birth to me" present. They're also my very first charted project, and can be found ---> Wish me luck!


P.S. If anybody could help me figure out how to put a button in my sidebar, that would be greatly appreciated

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Haven't updated it a while, I had a really weird problem where I lost a stitch, so I added one on, and when I came back to that stitch, it had reappered, so I needed to drop the stitch that I made. Phew, got a couple more rows in when I watched a movie, probably gonna get some more in with the Bronco's game tomorrow.


Sunday, January 15, 2006


No good news, I dropped a stitch somewhere through my second attempt, not even my Mom, the real knitter, could find it. So, attempt No.3, has been started, and I don't know, the pattern I'm knitting somehow isn't coming out like schrodinger's, we'll see, I'll probably end up frogging the whole thing one I see that the pattern isn't coming through right, maybe I'll go for a few rows to get some pattern up, and ask her to check it for me.


Saturday, January 14, 2006


This blog will be about my knitting, lets start with a little background.

I learned to knit at about 8, and made a doll blanket as my first ever project, then I kind of fell out of knitting, until last year, when in Pittsburg, PA, with my family, I came arcoss a LYS, and fell in love again, I bought some 17s, and some Wool Easy: Chuncky, yarn, and knit myself a scarf, I then left knitting again, until about September, when I knit myself a fun fur skinny scarf. I also made my Mother a scarf for Christmas, now I have just finished casting on 51 sts. for <<<< (Thanks schrodinger!), wish me luck.


Update: *sigh* I knit wwaaaayyyyy to tight, I got to the second row, ( that's 102 stiches, for all you math inadept), before I desided that I couldn't live trying to knit like this, so I'm going to frog my two pathetic rows, and start again. Wish me luck...... Again.